1. The central structures :

The organization of the ministry of agriculture and fisheries
The directorate-general for fisheries and aquaculture
⮚ The general directorate of veterinary services
⮚ The general directorate of plant production

⮚ The directorate general of financing, investment and occupational structures (DGFIOP)

2. The regional structures :

(a) The regional commissary for agricultural development (CRDA)
✔ The district and divisions of fisheries and aquaculture
✔ Borough FIOP

3. The occupational structures :

⮚ Mapping of associations of fisheries and the marine environment, union (UTPA, Synagri, UNPA), and Groupings of development of agriculture and fisheries (GDAp).

⮚ The interprofessional group of fishery products (GIPP).

4. The structures of research and technical assistance :

⮚ MO, ISPAB, INSTM, The technical centre for aquaculture.

5. The structures of the investment and the encouragement of :

⮚ The agency for the promotion of investment in agriculture (APIA).

6. The structures of extension :

⮚ The agency of extension and training in agriculture (AVFA).
⮚ The agency of ports and fishing facilities (PIPA).