What is it?


Club Bleu Artisanal

Is a voluntary association which supports, assists, guarantees and controls the quality and traceability of fishing products and user restaurants

Who are the beneficiaries ?

In the pilot phase: the fishermen of Sidi Mechrig in Tunisia and from Mazara del Vallo to Trapani in Sicily; the restaurants of Bizerte and Tunis, and of Trapani and Mazara del Vallo
Long-term: all of the fishermen and restaurants tunisian and sicilian interested in participating in the supply chain Club Bleu artisanal.

What are the guarantees?

Restaurants participating in the tour must adhere to strict specifications including the following:
* the fishing products used are validated by the Club Bleu Artisanal and mention the date and method of capture;
* for the preparation of the dishes, the supply is made mainly with quality products (selected among the products resulting from the organic agriculture, Appellations of Controlled Origin, Protected Geographical Indications or other productions of quality);
* the sanitary and hygienic conditions are respected.

Membership in the Club Bleu circuit:

1. Membership application
2. Technical specifications governing the technical rules to be respected
3. Evaluation system in both the launch and control phases
4. Manual for the use of the logo and license of use

Training & Support:

Restaurants that wish to join the Club Bleu Artisanal Circuit will be assisted by the Club Bleu Artisanal Antennas.
Specialized training courses are planned to assist companies in meeting the Club's standards.
Attendance at the course by a representative of the business establishment is a prerequisite for membership in the Club.
The territorial branches will ensure the provision of a wide range of services and advice to members regarding the development and improvement of their activities

How does it work ?


Club Bleu Artisanal

1. Membership

a. Application for membership ;
b. selection Grid containing all the information relating to the supply of fish and all the quality products and the territory used
c Type of cuisine and traditional specialities proposed
d. Information regarding the condition of the receptive structures and the conditions of health and hygiene.
e. Indication of the level of environmental performance on the supply of food used (optional).

2. Evaluation

The assessment will be conducted by the staff of the Antennas on the basis of an evaluation grid that, for each criterion, will indicate the level of intensity found in relation to the establishment of trade. On-site audits to verify the information data are planned.

3. Assistance and training

The restaurant interested will participate in ongoing training regarding the Club Bleu Artisanal e if necessary, it will benefit from a support service to meet the conditions precedent to membership in the club.

3. Admission and use of seal

The staff forwards the results of the ex-ante evaluation and the results of the training course to an evaluation Committee composed of three members selected from among the local officials (a commission is established for both the Tunisia and Sicily) that assess the compliance and issue an annual certificate.
From there, the restaurant can join the circuit Club Bleu Artisanal and use the label on the basis of the specifications of use.

How does it work?


Club Bleu Artisanal